Wyoming Our home in The Magic City · Queen of the Plains

We are proud to call the capitol city of Wyoming, Cheyenne, our home. Array is minutes from world class mountain biking, climbing, and camping bringing us the best of both the real and digital worlds. Our classes will be held inside our historic downtown location at Cheyenne's first coworking space, The Second Floor @ The Paramount.

The Second Floor's amazing downtown space has been recently given a makeover and transformed into Cheyenne’s first coworking office space, compete with a mid-century vibe – just one of their many nods to the building’s vintage roots. Student tuition includes access to their media room, conference spaces and photo studios. Plus, ping pong, as well as free paramount coffee and local craft beer.

A great partnership and home.

A school and a coworking space perfectly compliment each other. Our private class room and office will be located on the fourth floor, but students will have full access to the rest of the coworking space to work on projects after class hours, network with local businesses, and a whole lot more.

Second Floor benefits that are included in student tuition

24/7 access

24/7 Building Access
Students may access the building 24/7 to work on projects or to study.


High-Speed WiFi
Fast internet with multiple access points to ensure optimal coverage.


Conference, Media, & Photo Rooms
Students have access to special rooms including a media room, multiple conference rooms, and even a photo studio.

Drip Coffee

Free Paramount Cafe Coffee
Below the school sits The Paramount Cafe which is regarded as one of the best coffee shops in Wyoming.

Local Craft Beer

Free Local Craft Beer
For students 21 and over, Cheyenne's finest local craft beers are ready to pour in the kitchen.

Fun Events

Fun Stuff
Whether it be mud volleyball, impromptu hydroponic green thumb lessons, our the weekly hump day lunches... we make sure to take a break and have some fun together.