Our Programs New programs launching at Array in 2018.

2018 is going to be a great year.

A whole new array of different programs and courses are coming soon.

Founded in 2016, The Array School of Technology and Design opened its doors last year in downtown Cheyenne to become Wyoming's first accelerated technology and design school. Since that day, we have been overwhelmed with the positive response and interest from all ages and backgrounds wanting to learn how to code and design. To say the least — it has been magical. So in the coming months, we are announcing an array of new and updated programs that will be launching later this year and beyond. We want even more people to attend Array and experience technology and design first-hand in our school's unique and fun culture.

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New Programs Coming Soon

  • Array CORE

    Array CORE Program

    Full-time Immersive

    Our seventh-month career focused program designed to take anyone from zero to hero in code and design.

  • Array ATOM

    Array ATOM Programs

    Part-time Enrichment

    Evening and weekend courses that give you the flexibility to learn code and design at your own pace.

  • Array CATALYST

    Array CATALYST Program

    Custom Business Training

    Custom taylored curriculum and content designed to level up your current employees at your business.

  • Array ELEMENTS

    Array ELEMENT Programs

    Professional Teacher Training

    Curated technology and design programs for K-12 teachers looking to take new knowledge to their classrooms.

  • Array PIXELS

    Array PIXEL Programs

    Engaging Kid Camps

    Week-long summer code camps designed for kids to learn about code, robotics, and other fun hands-on projects.

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